In 2000, two partners and I created an experiential marketing design firm with the intent of discovering the future of advertising. We we're fortunate enough to team with Kraft Food's Long Term Research division to see what might be possible. We were given their flagship brand and set loose. 

During a project that spanned almost two years, we developed a multi-layered, multi-touchpoint, interconnected immersive brand experience we called MyMac. At the testing stage, it broke the needle.


The backstory involved a world beneath the surface of the Earth where rivers of cheese sauce flowed and all production of Kraft Mac and Cheese was performed by a variety of pasta-like characters called Cheesonies. From their own personal space in the online world of Cheesyland, children ould create Cheesoni friends to help them on their adventures. 


The product became an admission ticket to the adventure. The story touched our audience at every juncture. At the store, you got a taste with the POS display. The package itself introduced you to mystery that needed solving and gave you codes to create more characters online. We proposed interactive portals in the mall that would connect you to the story and allow the children to create customized packages of product. Even the pasta was shaped like Cheesonies.