Monmouth Medical Center Roll Out the Ribbons

To raise awareness of all types of cancer, we created Monmouth Medical Center’s Roll Out The Ribbons Campaign. Using a broad mix of traditional, digital and experiential tactics, we gave people the chance to dedicate a ribbon to a loved one who had fought cancer. Their message was inscribed on the ribbon and it, along with thousands of others, was tied to railings along the The Promenade of Hope in Long Branch, NJ.  To date, more than 10,000 ribbons have been dedicated.


Newspaper ads, posters and kiosks delivered the campaign theme.

Capturing the campaign idea in radio, we recorded dozens of people speaking the names of their 'somebody' and used it as the background for the spot.

Pole banners lined the main streets of Long Branch.

The website was a hub for the campaign. And while people could dedicate a ribbon at events and in stores around town, this is where many of the ribbons that ended up on the Promenade of Hope originated.

ROR hmoe page screen grab.jpg

Facebook and Twitter traffic was huge and hundreds of people dedicated a ribbon online.


Everybody has somebody. Even former and current New Jersey Senators.